Kind Words

I am so grateful for Blissful Lotus! I feel so blessed to have come so far in my practice - I have learned so much from you and continue to do so each week. I am impressed by the increased strength, balance, and agility in my everyday routine. I have learned to "let go" of being disappointed that my work and life schedule prevents me from attending more than one class a week at this point in time. But I derive such wonderful benefits from that one class! Thanks for all that you do.


We have very much enjoyed our journey with you. Your growth as a teacher is a joy to be a part of. I enjoy, and benefit from, each and every class. As my physical issues increase with age, I appreciate being able to adapt my practice so that I can continue on. Your detailed cuing is very helpful and instructional. I love your music choices and that adds to the spiritual feeling in the room. Thank you for the difference you make in our lives.

I am a "senior" beginner, taking Yoga Basics classes with Denise. I wanted to let you know that Denise's warm and welcoming personality, and her focused, encouraging teaching style have certainly been an enjoyable introduction to yoga! Denise is adept at creating a peaceful atmosphere within which to center yourself. I have greatly appreciated her step-by-step instruction on poses, knowledge of muscle groups, etc., gentle encouragement to challenge oneself while listening to what your body is telling you, her patience, and light sense of humor. I thank you and Denise for making my yoga experience such a postive one.

~Maria Weick

Attending Donna's yoga class continues to be one of the highlights of my week! I have been practicing yoga with Donna at Blissful Lotus for over a year now. She has created an extremely comfortable and welcoming space. Donna not only provides an approachable and educational experience for people new to yoga, but also encourages people to push their personal practice to the next level.

~Jaime Pauley, Business Owner at Simply Sunflowers

The beginners class was just what I was hoping it would be; an inviting, comprehensive introduction to yoga with special care and instruction give to explain modifications to poses that may be difficult for a beginner to master. Donna's teaching style and manner is very encouraging and accepting. I appreciated how she exposed everyone to the many benefits of yoga and the directions individuals can choose to take their practice.

~Sally Sheffield

Quaint & welcoming -- Get your yogi on!
This studio is not large by any stretch of the means, and I'm MORE than pleased that it has a quaint feel to it. It does not feel "small," either. I feel far more of a connection while I'm in it due to its warmth & quaintness -- not something that I would not feel at a stuffy, well-to-do 5-star hotel. The instructor invites all levels of students with a welcoming demeanor. Her music and atmosphere are just the right feel for my personality & needs -- not distracting from the purpose of my being there. I have never had an unpleasant experience; I highly recommend Blissful Lotus. Peace.


Great classes-
I always feel SO much better after class...body, mind, and spirit! Thank you and see you soon on the mat!

~Meg Lynch

Feels great
I always feel so good after practicing Yoga at Blissful Lotus Yoga. I feel challenged and supported when trying new poses or perfecting a pose. I loved the beginning yoga series! I have recommended it to a lot of people I know who have always wanted to try yoga but didn't feel comfortable just walking into a class.


cute little studio
The studio is warm and welcoming with room for 12 students comfortably. Convenient downtown location. Classes start and end on-time... no run-on classes. Nothing fancy, but the yoga is good. Give this studio a try.

Donna's yoga classes are wonderful for anyone seeking a well-rounded, comprehensive yoga workout. Very intimate and relaxing in a really nice space!

~Jane Barry

I am so happy to have your yoga center in Plymouth, it is adding a lot to my life to have such a high quality center here. Thank you.

I like that you have a variety of classes and times. I find benefit from gentle class and enjoy the challenge from the moderate class. The cost is reasonable enough that I can afford to attend 2 classes a week if my schedule allows. I make your class a priority in my fitness routine. I can do yoga at home but it's not the same.

Donna's classes are terrific -- challenging and relaxing at the same time.

"I'm happy to recommend Donna as a Yoga instructor. I attend classes at two of Donna's locations. She is an instructor who recognizes the potential in her clients and makes adjustments to bring out their best. Being a senior citizen this is very important to me."

~Lucy Burton

"Donna and I both teach yoga at the Plymouth Center. As a teacher, I am impressed with Donna's level of expertise and her professionalism. As a student (I take classes with Donna) I thoroughly enjoy her approach and the way she holds the class. The sequences are well thought out and she is a compassionate and encouraging teacher as well."

~Barbara Natichioni, Iyengar Yoga Teacher

"Donna has a relaxed, peaceful style in her yoga workshops. Even a rank beginner feels totally at ease because she is non-judgmental in her approach."

~Bette Abdu, Certified Zentangle Teacher

I volunteered to write a rave review on Donna Sullivan as a yoga teacher, because I believe in Donna.

She has an authenticity that is hard pressed to find in the yoga realm. Donna is no nonsense, practical, kind, original and wants to offer something to the best of her ability. She stands by who she is, and in doing so, she offers others the space to be themselves, on or off a yoga mat. Donna is empathetic, and has a full heart , and wants to see people do well in her presence.

Donna is straight up in such a refreshing way. She does not boast, or show off, or pretend to be someone she is not.

Donna has a heart that shines through in the work she cares about and for those who find her. She loves what yoga offers her, and she wants to offer that reprieve, or open kind space to others. She is patient, and able to go with the flow, characteristics so needed when we are coming face to face with ourselves, our bodies, where we think we are limited.

Donna is a welcome face to have at the door of a new kind of yoga, offering us all a space to just keep it honest and real, and that is what most impresses her.

Donna's acceptance of it all allows others space to find a bigger place to find ease with themselves through breath and movement.

~AImee DeRoehn
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